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  • Google Maps and Google Places Deliver Local Customers: 7 Facts

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    You've probably heard of Google Maps and Google Places. Google Maps is a freemium service provided by Google, the world's most popular search engine. It gives companies and sites of interest with map views, walking directions, and contact details. For searches involving location-related terms, organizations appear first in the list, next to a Google map (like city, street, or zip code).


    Google Places is a tool that allows you to add more content to your Google Maps listing. To assist local consumers discover you, and you can include photographs, video, your website URL, hours, classifications, and more.


    These services are fine-tuned and adjusted on a regular basis by Google. Google Places, formerly known as Google Local Business Center, has been renamed.


    Fact #1: When searching for a certain location, Google Places assists customers in finding businesses. People can use maps to explore a geographical areas in a variety of ways, such as business listings, street views, and more.


    "Each business listing on Google is in fact a large 'cluster' of info that we gather from a few different locations," Google explains of Google Maps. For example, Yellow Pages and other third-party sources. The detailed info you offer via Google, on the other hand, is the info we value the most." As a result, Maps and Locations are not synonymous. Your Google Places listing is a place where you can create, verify, and manage the content that describes your company. However, other people's input may result in your business being included on Google Maps. "Put your organization on Google Maps" is a normal Maps link that takes you to the Google Map service, in which you can locate, verify, and amend an already listing for your business.


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